Thank you for visiting Constellation FCU's mortgage center! With our mortgage plans, you can buy, refinance, or get cash out for home improvements. We finance primary, secondary, and vacation homes anywhere in the United States!

Program Highlights: 

  • No loan underwriting fees
  • Rate options (with or without points)
  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • No escrow
  • No broker fees/licensing fees
  • Loan Servicing & Auto Pay
  • FREE 45-Day Lock-in

    About the Fees:
    At Constellation Federal Credit Union, our rates won't break you! There are 
    no fees for underwriting the loan; application, broker/licensing, credit, or mortgage insurance. The costs associated with the optional points, appraisal, title, and recordation may be rolled into the loan on a refinance.

    Meet the Loan Team!
    Contact us: 1-800-826-3818 or
    loandepartment@constellationfcu.org.  We are happy to assist you. 

    Angella Williams (ext. 1207), awilliams@constellationfcu.org
    Audrey Hastings-Spaine (ext. 1206), aspaine@constellationfcu.org
    Sabera Alam (ext 1203), salam@constellationfcu.org

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    CONTACT US FOR TODAY'S RATE SHEET:  loandepartment@constellationfcu.org